Enjoy unparalleled conveniences, perks and privileges!

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Welcome to VIPinoy

The VIPinoy card is a privilege card offered to all Filipinos living and working overseas, and their families in the Philippines. Developed with overseas Filipinos and their families in mind, VIPinoy partnered up with organizations to provide free and relevant services to its members. Surf the internet and keep in touch with your loved ones abroad, get expert advice from our lounge specialists, and relax in a comfortable area, all inside the VIPinoy lounge.

Apply for a VIPinoy Card now to enjoy unparalleled conveniences and exclusive perks and privileges at the Ayala Malls!

  • Lounge Amenities

    Relax in a comfortable lounge area with internet, videoconferencing, charging and drinking stations, wi-fi, and a currency and remittance center.

  • Lounge Specialists

    Consult with our Lounge Specialists for answers to all your questions regarding financial literacy and investment, property management, communication, travel, and more!

  • Special Offerings

    Get reserved seats to Ayala Malls events and special freebies and discounts from over 900 partner establishments when you flash your VIPinoy card.