Enjoy unparalleled conveniences, perks and privileges!

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Welcome to VIPinoy

Dear VIPINOY Members,

Our VIPINOY program is winding down.  We wish to inform you that we are closing all VIPINOY Lounges across Ayala Malls starting October 1, 2017.


Thank you for your loyalty and membership for the past 6 years. Your participation and feedback on the program has given us a lot of insights that we will use in coming up with relevant offerings to Ayala Malls customers.


Customers with active membership will still enjoy the following perks and privileges until the expiration of their card.

  1. Free entrance to Customer Lounges across Ayala Malls
  2. Free entrance to Family Lounges across Ayala Malls
  3. Priority Lane and 5% Discount across Ayala Malls Cinemas
  4. Reserved seats in selected Ayala Malls initiated shows, concerts and events (subject to the number of seats allocated to VIPINOY cardholders; first come-first served)
  5. Discounts from participating stores across Ayala Malls (until 2018)


Again, thank you for your participation to the VIPINOY program.  Rest assured that Ayala Malls will continue to recognize your loyalty and patronage in the future.




  • Lounge Amenities

    Relax in a comfortable lounge area with internet, videoconferencing, charging and drinking stations, wi-fi, and a currency and remittance center.

  • Lounge Specialists

    Consult with our Lounge Specialists for answers to all your questions regarding financial literacy and investment, property management, communication, travel, and more!

  • Special Offerings

    Get reserved seats to Ayala Malls events and special freebies and discounts from over 900 partner establishments when you flash your VIPinoy card.